How to Capture a 'Real' Smile - Accokeek Family Photographer

HAVE FUN! And boy did we ever have fun at this session! How could we not? We were on a farm, with sticks, a rope swing, animals, barns, a pond and everything else a little boy could dream of!

Like a few other Moms I have talked with, Kelly was concerned with her little guy Elijah's 'cheese smile' that came out every time the camera was around - I told her not to worry - I knew exactly how to combat the 'cheese smile' - the key is to have lots of fun and make the little ones comfortable, so that they laugh and smile naturally because they aren't thinking about it! Don't get me wrong - we did see the 'cheese smile' a few times, but not a lot!

This family was so much fun to photograph - as you can see from the first photo we had a blast! I have to give big thanks to my trusty assistant Katea who came along to do cart wheels in the back ground in order to grab the little ones attention - she did a great job considering it was nine thousand degrees outside - you'd never know it by these smiling faces!

Kelly and Bobby - I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thanks so much for asking me to come and capture the memories of your little guys and their adorable personalities! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Kelly C 6-18-2011 460BLOG

Kelly C 6-18-2011 737BLOG

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