Kerry & Sean - Baltimore Area Engagement Photographer

One of the first questions that comes to mind when I meet a Resident Doctor is..."so is it really like Grey's Anatomy?" Well Sean was nice enough to inform me that yes, he can sleep standing up :) And you would have never known he was so sleep deprived as he was nothing but smiles during the entire session - but after getting to spend the weekend with his amazing Fiance Kerry - who wouldn't be.

I can't imagine having to be apart from my husband for more then a day and these two live 150 miles apart! If any of my readers live in Richmond and are in need of a smart researcher (she graduated from Notre Dame!) then let me know - I know of someone who is looking for a job near her Resident Doctor.

Kerry & Sean thanks for contacting me and letting me capture your love in photos - and braving the cold too (yes that is ICE behind them in the creek!) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!!

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Soctt and Danielle - Towson Area Engagement Photographer

I loved this couple from the first moment when I learned he proposed with a ring pop!! Everything about them is so much fun, from how they met in New Zealand (totally jealous!) to how he plays and coaches hockey (watch out people...he put someone through the glass!!) and how much they laugh when they are together. I had a great time photographing this fun and joyful time in their lives at their Alma Mater - Loyola College - where it all started. Scott and Danielle I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!!

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We Are Family - Baltimore Area Childrens and Family Photographer

I love, love, love taking pictures of my friends and their families and this time was no exception. With kids as cute and fun as these how could it not be a blast! To all of the Apple's and McGrath's thank you so much for asking me to capture the memories of all of the cousins and your families! Since there were 3 families this sneak peek is in picture overload! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!!

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