Liam - Baltimore Newborn & Child Photographer

This little man makes his family perfectly even - 2 boys and 2 girls - just like his Mama and her siblings. As you can see there will never be a lack of love for Liam - he has a big brother to show him all the ropes and two little Mommy's to help take care of him. :)

All of Liam's siblings came a little early - but he decided to hang on for the long haul and enjoy the piece and quiet while he could. I was lucky enough to photograph Liam in his Mommy's belly before he was born (as well as his older sister too!) and was so excited to finally meet him - as were my girls. They are so into babies and just couldn't wait to meet Ms. Katie's baby!

Katie and Dan - congrats on the newest addition - he fits in perfectly! I can't wait to watch him grow. :) Enjoy your sneak peek!

William Joseph 12-8-11 192BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 9BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 25BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 84BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 166BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 39BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 60BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 178BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 132BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 111BLOG

William Joseph 12-8-11 209BLOG

The New Family - Baltimore Family Photographer

The New Family called me at the last minute to see if I could fit them in for holiday photos - and I am so glad we could work it all out! We had about 40 minutes of day light to spare, and everything went perfect. They are such a fun loving and sweet family - I am so lucky to have met them.

Ruth & Richard - Thanks so much for the phone call and for coming north to meet me - it was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful kids! Enjoy your sneak peek!

New Family 11-27-11 175BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 34BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 122BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 40BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 117BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 150BLOG

Instinct - Harford County Child Photographer

I found out last week that it is a childs instinct to play in leaves. See, we didn't have any trees on our property when we lived in the town house - sure the girls saw leaves, but there were never enough to rake - didn't know how thankful I was for that until now! Now we have 2 large oak trees in our backyard, So one day after work last week we were all outside so I decided to rake up some of the leaves so there wouldn't be tons to rake up later. So I raked...and without prompting, see what happened...

I love them...

9-29-2011 Leaves 4BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 1BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 25BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 20BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 16BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 10BLOG