Carrie is a mom to three playful, busy girls and knows all too well what it's like to try to capture that lightning in a bottle. That's why her candid family sessions encourage you to laugh, play, and delight with one another the way you do when nobody's watching. Marriage and parenthood can't be staged, and neither can photographs that tell the story of your life right now.

Professional family photos allow you to freeze those moments in time when you think it just can't get any better than this. A shared glance over an inside joke, the way only sisters can make each other laugh, how you've never felt closer to the loves of your experience these moments in fleeting bursts and only a professional photographer can save them for you forever.

  • What an awesome experience! Carrie had a lot of great ideas during our photo shoots. She did a wonderful job capturing the moment in a very fun, natural way. Everyone, including the kids, were relaxed and having fun.

    Some of the most memorable moments in my life will be forever remembered in these photo albums!

  • While I was pregnant with our first child I scoured the Internet for newborn photographers. I came across Carrie D’s site and just knew that she was the right fit for us. Our correspondence was easy & Carrie was very open to suggestions & ideas. During our session, Carrie was a pure professional while maintaining a down-to-earth and friendly feel.

    She handled our baby girl with care and ease.

  • We cannot say enough great things about Carrie and her photography which is the artwork all over our house now. Carrie photographed our family when our daughter turned one and my husband and I decided to

    make it an annual tradition.




Q: Where should we have our family photos taken?
A: I love shooting at places that mean the most to you. However, if you don’t have any specific place in mind, then I can definitely provide some favorite locations. I have many places in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Delaware where I love to shoot. Let’s chat and come up with what works best for everyone.

Q: What do we wear?
A: The key is to coordinate, not match. If you are interested in seeing some options of what to wear, please just let me know and I’d love to provide you with some ideas.

Q: What happens if it rains or someone gets sick?
A: Things happen…and of course they happen right before you are ready to have your photos taken. No worries! Just contact me as soon as you can and we will work to reschedule. Mother nature is typically pretty good to me…but if she decides not to play along then we will look for another date that will work.

Q: What if my kids don’t want to sit still?
A: That is actually ideal! I love capturing kids and families how they really are. If your kiddos are always on the move and like to run, climb, and play, we will do fun little games to get them to love having their photos taken as much as they are loving being outside. Don’t stress it; let kids be kids and the photographs will be even more remarkable.

Q: I want you to take my family’s holiday photos, when should I book my session?
A: I start booking for holiday sessions in July. So just remember…Christmas in July!

Q: Do you offer mini sessions?
A: I do! However, mini sessions are only provided at certain times of the year, on set dates, and at set locations. Please keep an eye on my Facebook page or sign up for my email newsletter to be the first to hear about mini session offerings and to grab a time slot…they fill up fast!