I'm Lucky - Maryland Family Photographer

I am so lucky. Wanna know why? I am so lucky because 8 years ago today this guy married me and he loves me. jd us again Yep, me. Sorry ladies - the best Daddy, Husband and Best Friend is taken. He's all mine. And my girls and I are so incredibly lucky. Because he is pretty awesome. Here are just a few of the reasons why he is so amazing....

He blessed me with these 3 beautiful girls...10507117_10203072782633610_8487858955397877610_o (1)

He loves to take his girls on dates...especially when there is food involved ;)jdyogocrazyHe got me this sweet boy as a Christmas present the first year we were together (10 years ago!!)jdtuckerHe lets the girls stick all kinds of things to his very sutioncuppable head :)jd headEvery year for Mother's Day he takes us all to the favorite place...jdmothersdayHe indulges squeezing all 5 of us into a tiny photo booth so I can get my film strip every year...jdfilmstripHe plays hard and crashes hard...jdsleep 2He makes a VERY Pretty Princess  :)  though he needs to work on being happy about it   ;) jdprincessHe lets me take about 12 selfies until we have one I like...jdusHe's cute. jdcuteHe is even cuter sleeping with a newborn in the hospital...jdsleep joeieHe is a proud Daddy...jdnewbornjoeieHe's goofy, fun, crazy, funny (yes, you are!!), and silly... jddriveThis.Photo. nuff said.jdsleepHe loves his girls more then anything...and we love him!! Thanks for the most amazing 8 years of my life!! I couldn't imagine spending it with anyone else. A million times yes!!! Love you!!!jdbday