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Carey + Anthony - Maryland Wedding Photographer

Carey & Anthony's day couldn't have been more of a fairytale. From the quaint outdoor ceremony in the garden to the intimate reception inside the beautiful Grey Rock Mansion every detail was perfection.

So much fun was had by everyone that they didn't want the evening to end. I am sure it will be a night Carey & Anthony will never forget, though they will now get to relive it in photographs...

Carey & Anthony - Congrats on your marriage!! Sorry about the honeymoon!! You'll just have to take a second one!! ;) Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day!!


-Carrie & Jimmy-

Deluca Wedding-1974
Deluca Wedding-1868
Deluca Wedding-1887
Deluca Wedding-1905
Deluca Wedding-1956
Deluca Wedding-8576

::What Carey loves about Anthony:: Anthony always has my back no matter what I tell him or do. He loves me unconditionally. I also love how we can be totally silly together. We've always understood each other from day 1.

Deluca Wedding-2006
Deluca Wedding-2022
Deluca Wedding-2082
Deluca Wedding-2115

::What Anthony loves about Carey:: She is my sidekick in life. She supports me in whatever I do. She is kind, understanding and really funny.

Deluca Wedding-8597
Deluca Wedding-2215

::What Carey thought when she saw Anthony at the altar:: He looked so handsome but so nervous!!!

Deluca Wedding-2272

::What Anthony thought when he saw Carey walking down the aisle:: "Omg, she is crying already...but she looks so beautiful."

Deluca Wedding-8808

::Carey's most memorable moment of the day:: Saying my vows to Anthony. Our eyes were locked on each other through the whole ceremony (except when I was crying :)

Deluca Wedding-2355
Deluca Wedding-9000
Deluca Wedding-2488
Deluca Wedding-2508
Deluca Wedding-2517
Deluca Wedding-8785
Deluca Wedding-9111
Deluca Wedding-2683
Deluca Wedding-2687

::Anthony's most memorable moment of the day:: Driving to the hotel after our wedding in Carey's CRV and realizing that we are finally married. It was a special quiet time for the both of us where it was just the two of us.

Deluca Wedding-2693
Deluca Wedding-2707
Deluca Wedding-2717
Deluca Wedding-2791
Deluca Wedding-8627

::Carey's favorite things about the wedding:: I really enjoyed the photo booth from Carrie D. I liked how I got to keep a copy of all my guests photos taken during our wedding. I also loved my cake. It was soo yummy. I can't wait to eat our cake top on our first year anniversary!

Deluca Wedding-9138
Deluca Wedding-9139
Deluca Wedding-2809
Deluca Wedding-2920
Deluca Wedding-2935

:: Anthony's favorite things about the wedding:: Carey planned it all so I have to say everything because she worked so hard on it for months. I just really enjoyed celebrating with my family friends. It was just a big party!

Deluca Wedding-2975
Deluca Wedding-2999
Deluca Wedding-3011

::Carey's favorite reception moment:: Dancing with our friends and family to Social Distortion and the Ramones.

Deluca Wedding-3026
Deluca Wedding-3051
Deluca Wedding-3063
Deluca Wedding-3074
Deluca Wedding-3098
Deluca Wedding-3136
Deluca Wedding-3317
Deluca Wedding-3346

::Anthony's favorite reception moment:: My brother's best man speech.

Deluca Wedding-9153
Deluca Wedding-9306
Deluca Wedding-9320
Deluca Wedding-9344
Deluca Wedding-9515
carey Photobooth

::Wedding Details::::DJ::

Bill Izer

::Hair:: Alison Harper and Company::Caterer:: Simply Elegant Catering

::Dress:: Modern Trousseau

::Bridesmaids Dresses:: David's Bridal

::Groom/Groomsman Outfits:: Men's Warehouse

::Cake:: Artistic Desserts

::Honeymoon Location:: Cancun, Mexico (for one day,Anthony broke his ankle on our second day playing soccer on the beach.

::Flowers:: Ann's Garden

::First Dance Song:: Joy of My Life, John Fogert

::Officiant:: Reverend Mary Powers

::Make Up:: Alison Harper and Company::Ceremony/Reception Location::

Grey Rock Mansion

::Photobooth::  CDP Photobooth Co.

Angela + Brian - Billock Wedding - Maryland Wedding Photographer

Angela and Brian are married! You might remember their engagement session last year. I knew from the moment we met them that their wedding was going to be a BLAST!! And it didn't dissapoint!!

From the Bride taking over as the DJ, to the Hang on Sloopy OHIO song and every little detail in between this wedding was one for the record books!!

Congrats Angela and Brian!!

xoxo - Carrie & Jimmy


::What Brian  loves about Angela:: Her sense of humor, laugh/smile


::What Angela loves about Brian:: His smile

Billock Wedding_CDP-7988B

::Couple's favorite moment of the day:: The ceremony

Billock Wedding_CDP-0182B

::Angela's favorite things about her wedding day:: Our vows, the Cathedral, the cookie table, dancing with friends/family.

Billock Wedding_CDP-0147B

::What Brian thought when he saw Angela walking down the aisle: : Wow! She needs to walk faster

::What Angela thought when she saw Brian at the alter:: This is really happening!

Billock Wedding_CDP-0127B
Billock Wedding_CDP-0191B
Billock Wedding_CDP-0215B

::Angela's most memorable moment of the day:: Saying our vows

Billock Wedding_CDP-0323B

::Brian's most memorable moment of the day:: Angela walking down the aisle

Billock Wedding_CDP-8068B
Billock Wedding_CDP-8417B
Billock Wedding_CDP-8653B
Billock Wedding_CDP-8688B

::Brian's favorite things about his wedding day:: Pictures in fells, party bus, our first dance, seeing family

Billock Wedding_CDP-8536B

Billock Wedding_CDP-8536B

Billock Wedding_CDP-8756B
Billock Wedding_CDP-8837B
Billock Wedding_CDP-1582B
Billock Wedding_CDP-0734B

::Angela's favorite reception moment:: Dancing with Brian

Billock Wedding_CDP-8992B
Billock Wedding_CDP-9043B
Billock Wedding_CDP-8788B
Billock Wedding_CDP-1287B
Billock Wedding_CDP-1379B
Billock Wedding_CDP-8878B
Billock Wedding_CDP-9253B
Billock Wedding_CDP-9268B

::Brian's favorite reception moment:: The quadruple worm and spin the bottle dance off

Billock Wedding_CDP-9144B
Billock Wedding_CDP-9182B
Billock Wedding_CDP-9528B
Billock Wedding_CDP-0482B

::Wedding Details::

::DJ:: Ahmad Ibrahim

::Hair:: Lauren

::Makeup:: Ryan Ibrahim - Blend Event

::Caterer:: Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel

::Dress:: Angela's Mom's Wedding Gown

::Bridesmaids Dresses:: Bill Levkoff

::Groom/Groomsmen:: Jos A Bank

::Cake:: Charm City Cakes

::Honeymoon Location:: New Orleans

::Flowers:: Willow Oak Farm

::First Dance Song:: Otis Redding- That’s How Strong My Love Is

::Officiant:: Monsignor Peter Polando

::Ceremony Location:: Mary Our Queen Cathedral

::Reception Location:: Renaissance Harborplace Hotel