Perfect Little Penelope - Annapolis Toddler Photographer

I love my clients. Ok I know you are probably sick of me saying this, but I have the best clients in the world! They are so easy going, so much fun and so beautiful! They make my job such a joy. Not only do I have fun at the sessions, I then can't wait to get home to see their adorable faces on my computer screen and smile at their photos.

This whole session is smile worthy - just look and you'll see what I mean. The cutest little girl - with the cutest name adorable is that! It was a scorcher of a day - though we all didn't think it was going to be that hot - about 10 minutes in we were all trying to figure out if we could take a swim in the fountain. It would have made for some great photos - but there was a sign that said it was out of the question...silly rules!!

Luisa and Paco - thank you so much for hanging in there on choosing a location - I think in the end you picked a perfect spot! I had such a blast meeting you guys and capturing the memories of your little lady. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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Charlie is ONE!! - Annapolis Child and Family Photographer

I can't believe this little guy is ONE!! That sadly means my little baby is going to be one soon too...

I love getting to see little Charlie and how he grows - and I am loving that he still has his beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes!

Every time I photograph Charlie's family I get to go to the most gorgeous places by the water and we always have so much fun!

Sarah and Tyler - thanks so much for your patience and for being such amazing clients! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!! See you in a few months!!

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The Encarnacion Family - Annapolis Area Family and Child Photographer

I love having a session at a new location and though I have been to this park before, I have never shot there - thanks to The Encarnacion Family I had that opportunity. It was a beautiful day for mid November and I think I have found another favorite place to shoot. Tema - thanks so much for suggesting Sandy Point - I had a great time at your session! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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