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I always love my sessions with the Chapman Family and this time we had Granny, Gampy & Uncle Adam along for the session too! They are all such a blast and they love Jackson and Carter (can you believe those cheeks!!) so very much and the boys love them too - you can tell by all of the smiles and giggles.

We had a great time at their session in their beautiful neighbors yard - though it was a little warm for October. Thanks so much you guys! Enjoy your sneak peek!!

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A Perfect Photo Shoot - New Freedom Newborn Photographer

This day couldn't have been more perfect. If I could sit and pick a day to have for every photo session, this day would have been it. If I could have a day like May 27 - every time I have a photo session life would be grand.

There was sun, but not too much sun, it was warm, but not too warm (perfect sleeping weather for a little you can see), a touch of rain, a little breeze, an amazing family (and grandparents!) it was simply perfect.

Oh and have I mentioned I have the most amazing clients ever! Well I do and this adorable new family of four is a perfect example - and I love how my clients all become my friends, makes life even more sweet.

Amie and Dustin (and Big Brother Jackson) thank you so much for having me come back and photograph little Carter...he was such an angel, awake at the right times, sleepy at the others...simply perfect in every way. I can't wait to watch him grow. Enjoy your sneak peek!!

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