I would like to welcome...

A new partner!! My friend Jen is an amazing graphic designer who I am joining hands with to bring you some new exciting products and deals in the up coming months!! Here is a little information from Jen herself... Expect to see and hear more about her in the future!! Welcome Jen!!

Hello! My name is Jennifer Connolly and my design company is Element 120 Designs. We are a local full service graphic design company that specializes in personalized photo card and greeting card templates. Our designs include birth announcements, party invitations, wedding stationary, thank you cards, and much more!

What sets us apart from the larger design firms is our dedication to create the perfect design for you. To us, our clients are much more than just a number and our designs allow a family to share the first beautiful impression of their newborn, transform a birthday invitation into a keepsake, or allow a bride and groom to announce their wedding date in style. We love design and know that personalized designs have made the special occasions in our lives all the more special. Element 120 Designs takes pride in the hard work that allows us to accomplish that for each and every client we work with.

We are so delighted to have the opportunity to work in conjunction with Carrie D Photography. Carrie’s philosophies and goals regarding her clients and photography are inspiring and her work and dedication is amazing. Working with her provides us a wonderful chance to present clients with exceptional service and beautiful, quality products.

Please take a moment to view our template designs at www.element120designs.com or contact me if you are interested in any custom one-of-a-kind work at Jennifer@element120designs.com