Cute Cousins - Harford County Child & Family Photographer

These little cuties are cousins - but on the day of their photo session they each wanted their own time in the spotlight individually. Who can blame them...both of them in the same frame would have definitely been an overload of adorable-ness!

Peyton and Daphne are going to be a big brother and a big sister come the new year - so exciting! But until then everyone wanted to remember their oldest born in a few family photos.

Lindsay & Dara - thanks so much for asking me to photograph your little cuties! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 251BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 198BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 351BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 41BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 436BLOG


Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 453BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 108BLOG

Olivia is One! - Annapolis Child Photographer

I have been lucky enough to follow this little lady from her Mommy's tummy all the way from a newborn until she turned one just recently. And man is she cute! This would have to be one of my easiest sessions to date - because as soon as I picked up the camera little Miss Olivia turned on the adorable smile. From that point on my job was a piece of cake!

Amy & Mike - I can't believe how fast time flies! Thanks so much for asking me back to photograph Olivia - she is so beautiful. Good luck with the next step of her walking, then running around - it will be a blast! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Olivia 10-30-2011 58BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 126BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 91BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 145BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 5BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 54BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 220BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 34BLOG

Camden - Baltimore Family and Child Photographer

I was so excited to see little Camden again this year to see how much he has grown. And boy has he grown!! And now he has a head full of beautiful blonde hair! Camden is all boy - he moved so quick that sometimes my camera couldn't keep up! His session was a lot of fun, running, climbing hills, running from rain drops and trying not to step in all of the mud!

Marisa and Trey - thanks for the opportunity to photograph Camden again - he is such a handsom little man! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Camden 10-30-2011 63BLOG

Camden 10-30-2011 46BLOG

Camden 10-30-2011 75BLOG

Camden 10-30-2011 156BLOG

Camden 10-30-2011 89BLOG

Camden 10-30-2011 126BLOG

Camden 10-30-2011 41BLOG

Camden 10-30-2011 166BLOG