Instinct - Harford County Child Photographer

I found out last week that it is a childs instinct to play in leaves. See, we didn't have any trees on our property when we lived in the town house - sure the girls saw leaves, but there were never enough to rake - didn't know how thankful I was for that until now! Now we have 2 large oak trees in our backyard, So one day after work last week we were all outside so I decided to rake up some of the leaves so there wouldn't be tons to rake up later. So I raked...and without prompting, see what happened...

I love them...

9-29-2011 Leaves 4BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 1BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 25BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 20BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 16BLOG

9-29-2011 Leaves 10BLOG

Pardon this Interruption - Baltimore Child Photographer

But my baby girl turned ONE! So I am feeling the need to deviate a little and post some photos of my girls.

It was bound to happen I know, but I don't think I was ready for it so quickly!!

We celebrated Andie's birthday twice - Once on her actual birthday - where we went to the park, then went out for ice cream and then she had a cupcake (that her big sister helped me make) - it was pretty low key. The next week we had a party at our new house - which was a blast - though it was a little hot and she chose a freeze pop over her cake :)

Andie talks up a storm every second she is awake, just like her sister. She isn't walking yet - and we are not pushing it, but she is getting close as she can stand on her own for a while, but why walk when she can crawl at mach speed...seriously, it is unreal. She loves her bunny and cuddles with him every night. She loves her big sister Charley too - every morning we walk into her room she says 'Hi' with a big ol' grin on her face. She loves to swing and loves bubbles. She loves all animals she has met so far and thinks horses are the funniest of them all.

Ok Miss Andie - enough already, slow down. Mama wants you to stay her little cuddle bug forever!!

Enough about my little are some photos most of which are from her actual birthday, not her party as I was a little too busy to snap some pics that day (and there are a few of her big sister thrown in there for good measure). So here is what keeps me busy when I am not out at photo sesssions or editing photos! Enjoy!

Andie's Party 43 - EDITED

Andie's Birthday 31 BW EDITED

Andie's Birthday 198 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 147 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 144 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 121 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 97 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 11 BW EDITED

Andie's Birthday 54 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 82 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 52 EDITED

My Littlest Girl...

Almost at every photo shoot I get asked the question - "you must have some amazing photos of your two girls" and my answer is always..."yes, on my computer" So sad to say if you walked into my house and looked at the photos hanging on my walls - you'd think we have only one little girl, but no, we have two.

And yes while I do have tons of photos documenting my little Andie's almost 8 months of life so far, very few of them have made it past getting off of my memory card onto my computer. So sad, because yes, they are quite cute, if I do say so myself.

So here is a little peek at Andie's mock 7 month photo session :) oh gosh how I love my girls. Charley's will be next as I need to get a cute picture of her for her 3rd birthday invite - so this weekend we are venturing she is not a fan of my camera being stuck in her face all day long when we are inside...wonder why?

Until then...check out my littlest cutie...and please keep your fingers crossed for me that she stays blonde...everything, I mean EVERYTHING about my older daughter is my husband (not that there is anything wrong with that!!) - I just want one little thing about her to be like me, just one.

Andie Blog (1 of 7)

Here she is playing in her crib like a big girl...oh how I love that she can entertain herself while I clean up her room...not for long as I can see her now trying to scale the sides of the crib!

Andie Blog (3 of 7)

We have picture just like this of Charley - same look and to just find it. I say my girls look alike and no one agrees!!

Andie Blog (2 of 7)

24-7 - this is what Andie is like. I don't know what we did right, but boy do I love my happy girl!

Andie Blog (4 of 7)

There are now 2 more teeth just like these two on top!!

Andie Blog (5 of 7)

Her serious face...or the 'I really hope my Mommy is behind that camera" look :)

Andie Blog (6 of 7)

I call this one "pay back" - not so sure this was the best choice of Christmas presents! :) Also there is a look of fear on Andie's face that there will now be two cameras in her face at all times...poor girl!

Andie Blog (7 of 7)

My Two Favorite Girls