The Many Faces of Mr. Blue Eyes - Baltimore Infant Photographer

Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of watching one of my really good friend's little boy - well, little is a relative term - he will be 1 next week and is almost wearing 2T clothes!! Jake is a ball full of cuteness, with the most expressive face and bluest blue eyes. He usually wakes up from his nap a little earlier then my Andie - so Jake and I go upstairs and I let him sit in Andie's crib with her and they enjoy some cheesy puffs :) Well this week, I brought my camera...and here we have the many faces of Mr. Blue Eyes...

Abby and Steve...thanks for letting borrow your little model!! Andie says thanks for the date too - just don't tell her Daddy!!

Stay tuned in the next few will be seeing a little more of Jake!!

Jake Blog (21 of 12)

"Hi - how you doin?" (in his best Joey from friends impression)

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"oh - eh eh - excuse me...that cheesy puff went down the wrong way!"

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"What? What cheesy puff?? I didn't eat any cheesy puffs and you can't prove it!! Just try and open my mouth I dare you!"

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"What cha talkin bout Willis?? I'm not standing up!"

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"but...but...but...I don't wanna sit down!"

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"I don't wanna I said!! Wahhh! I don't wanna sit doooowwwnnn!!!"

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"But I'm innocent...see, see how cute and innocent I am?"

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"Crying? Who was crying? Not me! See I'm happy!"

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"Check out my feet...I've got big feet. You know what they say about babies with big Mom has to spend a lot of money on my shoes!"

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"Oh Hi Mom!! Hi!! Look who came over to my crib!! He's my boyfriend...isn't he cute?"

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"I plead the fifth"