The Parnell Wedding - New York City Wedding Photographer

This wedding was so full of love, it was amazing to witness.

Jeannie is a long time friend of mine and has been supporting my photography business in any and every way possible since the beginning. I couldn't have asked for a better cheerleader - she is amazing. She always said "when I get married you are photographing my wedding" and we did!

Not only was the location amazing - a super cool warehouse type bar/restaurant in Brooklyn called Rebar. Everything was perfect, especially the love that Rory and Jeannie have for each other. Just read what Rory had to say about Jeannie near the bottom of this post. To have someone say those things about the person they love...

These two have been through thick and thin together, a little less then a year ago they lost everything when they were living in Rockaway Beach during Hurricane Sandy. They lost everything, but the one thing that was most important, each other.

The heartbreak I felt for them both after the storm was tremendous, but knowing that they had each other (and their pup Sadie) I knew they'd get through anything.

Jeannie & Rory - thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day. We couldn't be happier to see to amazing people come together in marriage. Here is to a long life of love, laughter and smiles. We love you guys!! xoxo - Carrie & Jimmy

Jeannie's Most Memorable Moment of the Day:: Seeing Rory on the rooftop

What Jeannie thought when she saw Rory on the roof for the first time:: That I was quite possibly, the luckiest girl in the world

What Rory thought when she saw Jeannie on the roof for the first time:: My first thought was just how happy I was to see her, I had been feeling so incomplete all morning and it was such a breath of fresh air to finally see her and be together for our day.

Where Jeannie & Rory Met:: At Fordham University in college 10 years ago

Rory's Most Memorable Moment of the Day:: When I first saw Jeannie walking down the isle at the beginning of the ceremony -- it's a moment I'll ever forget.

Jeannie's Favorite Reception Moment:: Our First Dance

Jeannie's Favorite Things About her Wedding:: Having everyone I love in the same room ... and becoming a Parnell   :)

Rory's Favorite things about their wedding:: The overwhelming presence of support, love and happiness for us that you could just feel in the room, and how everyone could enjoy the day in his/her own way be it sitting at the bar hanging out or on the dance floor.

Rory's Favorite Reception Moment:: When Jeannie surprised me with Apple Pie for dessert!

What Rory loves about Jeannie:: She is pure, real and honest. She is exactly who she says she is, and she is exactly how she lives her life; her authentic spirit carries a truth that most people never reach in their whole life time. She is funny, she makes me laugh every single day, if we spend a day together I could never count how many times she makes me laugh, with just the funny way she reads the world and places us in it, makes me laugh and us laugh together. It is her sense of humor that allows for me to fall in love with her every single day and it is what gets us through our hard times. She is strong, Jean does not need to flex her strength and show it off for the world to see, but she is the strongest person that I have ever met, emotionally and spiritually. She has a way of being strong and soft all at the same time. She truly carries us both when we need to be carried.

::Wedding Details::

Ceremony & Reception Location:: reBar, Brooklyn

DJ:: Natasha Diggs

Hair:: Family Friend

Caterer:: reBar

Dress:: David's Bridal

Cake:: reBar

Pie:: Daly Pie

Make up:: Christina Amador

Honeymoon Location:: Marriott Ocean Club, Aruba

Flowers:: reBar

First Dance Song:: I Won't Give Up, Jason Mraz