Capturing Milestones in a Photo - Columbia MD Toddler Photographer

Milestones are big things you want to catch when your little one is born...first smile, first word, first time eating food, first step, and the list goes on and on. As much as I love to capture these moments of my girls, it is the candid photos that melt my heart. Like the one of my oldest Charley using one of our doggies as a pillow as she drinks out of her sippy cup or the look on my baby girl's face when her big sister plays peek-a-boo with her - those are the pictures that make me smile (ok and tear up a little) and remember the memory like it was today.

I love when clients ask me to come and photograph milestones in their kids lives. Like Jackson, he turned the big ONE last week and though he only felt like modeling for a short time, I caught some memories I hope will help his parents remember the little things he liked to do...and how cute he was doing it. Like the part where his Daddy sang 'itsy bitsy spider' and when he sang the line 'out came the sun and dried up all the rain' and Jackson raised his hands up in the air to make the sun come out...just look. A definite memory they won't want to forget.

So go out and capture the every day need to always make your little one look at the camera and smile. There are tons of beautiful pictures and memories captured when no one even knows the camera is there.

Christy - thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture the memories of Jackson at one...just wait, it keeps getting better! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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The Baby Theory - Baltimore Newborn Photographer

My girlfriends and I have a theory, that little kids know what the sex of your baby is when you are pregnant. When I was pregnant with both of my girls I did not find out what I was having, so we polled all of the little kids and most said girl for my first, and they were right. Then I was pregnant with my second I asked my older daughter what I was having and she said the baby was a girl, up until the day I went into the hospital to get induced and she said I was having her 'baby brother' and threw the whole thing off! Oh well...we are still going with our theory.

I watch one of my really good friends daughters on Tuesdays, she is 3 weeks older then my oldest Charley and they are best buddies. Her Mommy is now pregnant and all day long, she talks about how when her baby sister comes out of her Mommy's belly we can all come and meet her. So the testing just to wait until the beginning of August to find out if she is right. Don't worry I'll keep you all posted. ;)

This baby girl was an angel to photograph, but I knew she would be as her older brother was the same way. I had the pleasure of capturing him in some holiday photos during our mini sessions this past holiday season (which I have still yet to post...they are coming soon!) while his Mom was pregnant with this sweet baby girl.

Hayley - thank you so much for asking me to come and capture the newness of your little princess. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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My Littlest Girl...

Almost at every photo shoot I get asked the question - "you must have some amazing photos of your two girls" and my answer is always..."yes, on my computer" So sad to say if you walked into my house and looked at the photos hanging on my walls - you'd think we have only one little girl, but no, we have two.

And yes while I do have tons of photos documenting my little Andie's almost 8 months of life so far, very few of them have made it past getting off of my memory card onto my computer. So sad, because yes, they are quite cute, if I do say so myself.

So here is a little peek at Andie's mock 7 month photo session :) oh gosh how I love my girls. Charley's will be next as I need to get a cute picture of her for her 3rd birthday invite - so this weekend we are venturing she is not a fan of my camera being stuck in her face all day long when we are inside...wonder why?

Until then...check out my littlest cutie...and please keep your fingers crossed for me that she stays blonde...everything, I mean EVERYTHING about my older daughter is my husband (not that there is anything wrong with that!!) - I just want one little thing about her to be like me, just one.

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Here she is playing in her crib like a big girl...oh how I love that she can entertain herself while I clean up her room...not for long as I can see her now trying to scale the sides of the crib!

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We have picture just like this of Charley - same look and to just find it. I say my girls look alike and no one agrees!!

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24-7 - this is what Andie is like. I don't know what we did right, but boy do I love my happy girl!

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There are now 2 more teeth just like these two on top!!

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Her serious face...or the 'I really hope my Mommy is behind that camera" look :)

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I call this one "pay back" - not so sure this was the best choice of Christmas presents! :) Also there is a look of fear on Andie's face that there will now be two cameras in her face at all times...poor girl!

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My Two Favorite Girls