Lovable Logan - Oxford PA Newborn Photographer

This sweet little guy was my second Logan in a little over a month...and both of their Mom's are named Kelly (though one is Kellie) and they are friends! There is definitely very stiff competition for the cutest Logan of 2011. And let me tell you, if by naming your little boy Logan means they will be the best behaved, sweetest, sleepiest photography subjects...I expect a lot more Logans!

It was a perfect day for a photo session - it almost looked like it was going to rain (but it held off) and it was nice and warm to make Logan very content. These new parents are completely smitten with their little guy - as they should be, he is a cutie!

Kelly and Kevin - thanks so much for allowing me to come and capture the newness of your adorable little guy. He was such a perfect photography subject - and Kevin thanks for the cool orange tie :) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Kelly L 7-25-2011 30BLOG

Kelly L 7-25-2011 143BLOG

Kelly L 7-25-2011 214BLOG

Kelly L 7-25-2011 294BLOG

Kelly L 7-25-2011 174BLOG

Kelly L 7-25-2011 267BLOG

Kelly L 7-25-2011 11BLOG

Kelly L 7-25-2011 230BLOG

Kelly L 7-25-2011 201BLOG