Pardon this Interruption - Baltimore Child Photographer

But my baby girl turned ONE! So I am feeling the need to deviate a little and post some photos of my girls.

It was bound to happen I know, but I don't think I was ready for it so quickly!!

We celebrated Andie's birthday twice - Once on her actual birthday - where we went to the park, then went out for ice cream and then she had a cupcake (that her big sister helped me make) - it was pretty low key. The next week we had a party at our new house - which was a blast - though it was a little hot and she chose a freeze pop over her cake :)

Andie talks up a storm every second she is awake, just like her sister. She isn't walking yet - and we are not pushing it, but she is getting close as she can stand on her own for a while, but why walk when she can crawl at mach speed...seriously, it is unreal. She loves her bunny and cuddles with him every night. She loves her big sister Charley too - every morning we walk into her room she says 'Hi' with a big ol' grin on her face. She loves to swing and loves bubbles. She loves all animals she has met so far and thinks horses are the funniest of them all.

Ok Miss Andie - enough already, slow down. Mama wants you to stay her little cuddle bug forever!!

Enough about my little are some photos most of which are from her actual birthday, not her party as I was a little too busy to snap some pics that day (and there are a few of her big sister thrown in there for good measure). So here is what keeps me busy when I am not out at photo sesssions or editing photos! Enjoy!

Andie's Party 43 - EDITED

Andie's Birthday 31 BW EDITED

Andie's Birthday 198 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 147 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 144 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 121 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 97 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 11 BW EDITED

Andie's Birthday 54 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 82 EDITED

Andie's Birthday 52 EDITED

Well Worth the Wait - Abingdon Newborn Photographer

Just a few weeks ago we were hoping this little guy would wait long enough for us to get his beautiful Mama's maternity session in. Well he sure did make an entrance into the world and decided to take his time doing it. But he was well worth the wait. He has some amazing Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents to who love him to pieces and is one very lucky little guy!

His fur siblings kept an eye over him during his entire session, it was too cute. Mom and Dad are totally smitten with him and I was too. I am very lucky to be close to this family and to be able to watch little Sawyer grow.

Erienne and Mark - the waiting game is over, he is here and he is perfect. Enjoy him, spoil him, cuddle him and love on him a lot - because you'll blink and he'll be two. Then you'll have to chase him down to get to hold him for just a second. Thank you both for sharing your precious little guy with me - I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Erienne 5-30-2011 158BLOG

Erienne 5-30-2011 80BLOG

Erienne 5-30-2011 165BLOG

Erienne C1

Erienne 5-30-2011 20BLOG

Erienne 5-30-2011 219BLOG

Erienne 5-30-2011 205BLOG

Erienne 5-30-2011 135BLOG

Erienne 5-30-2011 263BLOG

Erienne 5-30-2011 149BLOG

Erienne 5-30-2011 31BLOG

A Perfect Photo Shoot - New Freedom Newborn Photographer

This day couldn't have been more perfect. If I could sit and pick a day to have for every photo session, this day would have been it. If I could have a day like May 27 - every time I have a photo session life would be grand.

There was sun, but not too much sun, it was warm, but not too warm (perfect sleeping weather for a little you can see), a touch of rain, a little breeze, an amazing family (and grandparents!) it was simply perfect.

Oh and have I mentioned I have the most amazing clients ever! Well I do and this adorable new family of four is a perfect example - and I love how my clients all become my friends, makes life even more sweet.

Amie and Dustin (and Big Brother Jackson) thank you so much for having me come back and photograph little Carter...he was such an angel, awake at the right times, sleepy at the others...simply perfect in every way. I can't wait to watch him grow. Enjoy your sneak peek!!

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