Farthest Traveled - Washington DC Toddler Photographer

Viene, Eric and Jeremy earn the award for my clients who had traveled the farthest for a photo session - they flew for approximately 18+ hours to come to their session!! Ok so maybe they didn't just come to see me - but either way they planned time into their trip back to the US for a fun photo session in Georgetown by the waterfront. And I am so glad they did.

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing a little Jeremy who was just on the verge of learning to sit up and this year he was running around, climbing stairs and jumping off of benches. It is amazing the difference a year makes!!

Viene had been in touch with me since January to let me know when they would be in town so we could set up a session - and it all worked out perfectly. In between my two trips out of state, a hurricane and a bout without power we were able to get together and snap some adorable photos.

Viene and Eric - thanks so much for working things out and planning a little part of your trip so I could capture some memories of Jeremy for you. I hope you had an amazing trip while you were here and safe travels home. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Viene 8-29-2011 104BLOG

Viene 8-29-2011 148BLOG

Viene 8-29-2011 329BLOG

Viene 8-29-2011 312BLOG

Viene 8-29-2011 11BLOG

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Viene 8-29-2011 123BLOG

Sleepiest Little Girl - Manchester Newborn Photographer

Little Miss McKenna was dare I say, the easiest newborn I have yet to photograph. She slept the ENTIRE session - and by slept - I mean she was out cold. She was such a sweet little model...and she loved all of the hats, headbands and poses we put her in - there wasn't one complaint!

Colby & Shaun - thank you so much for allowing me to come and photograph your sweet little McKenna. She is such a doll...enjoy her!! I hope you like your sneak peek!

Colby 8-24-2011 23BLOG

Colby 8-24-2011 69BLOG

Colby 8-24-2011 1BLOG

Colby 8-24-2011 97BLOG

Colby 8-24-2011 179BLOG

Colby 8-24-2011 196BLOG

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Those Eyes - Annapolis Infant Photographer

From the first moment I met Patrick I was enamored by his eyes...those eyes and eyelashes he has are to.die.for. I couldn't believe them...and then his little head of peach fuzz to top it all off...super cute! Patrick was a very chill little guy and he wasn't giving away his smiles for free - he made us work for them, but the few he gave us were worth it!!

Cristan and Mike it was so great to meet you and adorable Patrick! Thanks for sharing the awesome location, now you'll have two things to remember this day by - our photo session and the earthquake :) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Cristan 8-23-2011 274BLOG

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