Baby It's Cold Outside - Baltimore Area Family & Infant Photographer

Winter is definitely here...which means ADORABLE winter hats on every little kid. I love some cute winter hats! We had to move quickly with this session as it was a little too chilly, but there were still many adorable faces and photos captured. Amanda & Joe - I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Amanda 11-28-2010-4535BLOG

Amanda 11-28-2010-4394BLOG

Amanda 11-28-2010-4431BLOG


Amanda 11-28-2010-4347BLOG

Amanda 11-28-2010-4325BLOG

Elsie's Baptism - Alexandria Virginia Event Photographer

Alexandria was one of the other stops on my world tour...straight from the airport fresh back from Arizona. Libby and Spencer were willing to risk my craziness to come and photograph beautiful Elsie's big day. And I made it...just in time!

Elsie has grown so much since I did her newborn pictures back in the summer. She is so amazingly beautiful and her dress...oh her dress. My Charley would love to get her hands on a dress like that and if she did I'd fear she would never take it off!

Libby and Spencer, thanks for taking a chance on my arrival, everything was perfect. Congrats. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3438BLOG


Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3468BLOG


Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3416BLOG

Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3645BLOG

Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3814-2BLOG

Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3703BLOG

Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3734BLOG

Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3780BLOG

Libby Spencer Elsie 11-21-10-3803BLOG


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Baby Boy D - Long Island Newborn Photographer

My friends say I'm crazy - I love to be busy - and busy I was, 6 states in 4 days busy. I missed my family, yes, but I visited a great friend who is just like family and her new little guy...well, I'm not sure little is the right word as far as newborns go.

I swear my girlfriends who had baby boys this year were in a competition for who could have the cutest chubbiest little guys...and this man was no exception (and the winner in the weight category I might ad). I love him. Good thing my girls are going to have some handsome men to pick from when they turn 35 (Daddy's orders).

Annie and Billy - I wouldn't have missed photographing your little guy for the world. Thanks for asking me and filling my belly with bagels and pizza...and lots of caffeine. Love you your new happy for you. Enjoy...

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