Encarnacion Family - Annapolis Family Photographer

This is the second year in a row that I have had the opportunity to photograph the Encarnacion family - simply put they are awesome. Nina is gorgeous, Jonas is adorable and hilarious and their Mom and Dad are so laid back and fun...a perfect family made for some perfect photos. You can just see the love - these are the kinds of photos I love to capture. Raw natural smiles, looks and laughter.

Tema & Nino - thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture your beautiful family. Thanks also for your flexibility in rescheduling! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Tema 11-13-11 39BLOG

Tema 11-13-11 7BLOG

Tema 11-13-11 48BLOG

Tema 11-13-11 142BLOG

Tema 11-13-11 144BLOG

Tema 11-13-11 71BLOG

Tema 11-13-11 103BLOG

Tema 11-13-11 179BLOG

Holiday Photos - Annapolis Holiday Photographer

Holiday sessions are in full swing!! This is a little preview from my first mini session in downtown Annapolis last weekend. Enjoy! :)

Carla HMS 10-16-2011 37BLOG

Carla HMS 10-16-2011 44BLOG

Carla HMS 10-16-2011 49BLOG

Carla HMS 10-16-2011 108BLOG

Carla HMS 10-16-2011 61BLOG

Carla HMS 10-16-2011 5BLOG