The New Family - Baltimore Family Photographer

The New Family called me at the last minute to see if I could fit them in for holiday photos - and I am so glad we could work it all out! We had about 40 minutes of day light to spare, and everything went perfect. They are such a fun loving and sweet family - I am so lucky to have met them.

Ruth & Richard - Thanks so much for the phone call and for coming north to meet me - it was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful kids! Enjoy your sneak peek!

New Family 11-27-11 175BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 34BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 122BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 40BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 117BLOG

New Family 11-27-11 150BLOG

Melisa + Ray - Baltimore Engagement Photographer

Melisa and Ray are one of the beautiful couples whom I have the pleasure to photograph both their engagement photos and their wedding coming up in 2012...and boy am I excited! These two are so in love, it's adorable. There was more laughing out-loud, hand holding, kissing and giggling then picture taking at their session and it was a blast!

Melisa & Ray - thanks so much for allowing me to capture your love for each other. I can't wait for your wedding, it is going to be so much fun! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 20BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 205BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 118BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 84BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 175BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 29BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 65BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 42BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 194BLOG

Melisa & Ray Engagement 11-26-11 212BLOG

Cute Cousins - Harford County Child & Family Photographer

These little cuties are cousins - but on the day of their photo session they each wanted their own time in the spotlight individually. Who can blame them...both of them in the same frame would have definitely been an overload of adorable-ness!

Peyton and Daphne are going to be a big brother and a big sister come the new year - so exciting! But until then everyone wanted to remember their oldest born in a few family photos.

Lindsay & Dara - thanks so much for asking me to photograph your little cuties! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 251BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 198BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 351BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 41BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 436BLOG


Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 453BLOG

Lindsay Packer 11-26-11 108BLOG