Kevin + Angie

A little Smaltimore Story…I had some good friends reach out with a question— “Our good friends wedding photographer just cancelled on them and their wedding is 2 weeks away — long shot — but would you happen to be free?” Well…turns out I was — it was the day we were leaving for the beach but I felt bad for their friends situation and wanted to help out. So I talked to Jimmy and since she thought they only needed a few hours of coverage told them I could do it. Then they tell me their friends names -Kevin and Angie- Small world…but I knew them!! My husband Jimmy used to bartend with Kevin about 10 years ago!

Funny thing…I thought they were already married :) Come to find out during their vows and toasts on their wedding day — they had been together 14 years!! That might have been why ;) Either way I was thrilled to be able to help capture memories of their special day.

It was a gorgeous day!! And the venue was simply…AMAZING!!! You could feel the love from everyone there — from the cheering for the bridal party as they walked down the aisle to the shot-outs to good friends during their vows - everyone there loved the couple and were super happy to spend their day celebrating them.

Kevin and Angie — thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. Congratulations!! Here is to a long life of love, adventure, dogs, laughter, singing, drinking and friends!