A Christmas Surprise a Little Early - Harford County Child & Family Photographer

So these beautiful children are our new neighbors - and we are SO LUCKY to have moved in next to this fabulous family!

The results of this photo session were supposed to be a Christmas surprise...Here is a little story about how this all went down. The oldest of the three is a freshman at my alma mater (Go GULLS!) and so we planned out getting their Mom and Dad some photos for the holidays. We worked together to figure out a time and a place and it all went off without a hitch. Alyssa said she could get the kids to keep a secret - so we were set.

So I'm expecting a phone call come Christmas Day about the photos. Then a few days ago my phone rings...it is their Mom and she is SO EXCITED about the photos! I guess Christmas came a little early this year ;)

Galloway Family - thanks for being such awesome neighbors! Here's a little preview of the photos that will be soon hanging on your walls!