Addison is TWO! - Ellicott City Child Photographer

Addison...oh Addison - I love our sessions (newborn, 6 months, 1 year), you make me laugh, smile and remind me so much of my little girl - it is just a BLAST to photograph you. Even though you made us work REALLY hard for your smiles this day - when we got them, they were genuine and full of fun. I love the look of surprise on your face, seeing your teeth and even the photos of your serious face. I just have to make comments on the photos they totally need captions. If only you could have been a fly on the wall at this session...this is truly why I love to be a photographer - capturing the true real moments. It isn't always sunshine and roses, but when it is, the sun is super bright and the roses smell so sweet.

Bre and Marcus - thanks so much for allowing me to continue to photograph Addison - it is a real treat and one that I look forward to every year. And also - thanks for not leaving me stranded ;) You guys rock! Enjoy your sneak peek!

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Daddy's Little Girl (Bre - make a large canvas of this one and hang it in your house!!)

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PUR-PLE! (and FYI - I can't say this word anymore without shaking my hips thanks to you guys!!)

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Background to this photo...I asked Addison "what was on your birthday cake?" the response of which was "Kermit" then I said "MAH NA MA NA" and this is the result of her total utter surprise that I starting singing a song from the Muppets...priceless!

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Addison - how do you brush your teeth? :)

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This is one of our favorites from her 1 year and then...

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Shake it! Shake it!! (so sad a two year old has more rhythm then me...)

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Miss Serious - from the beginning...still not sure who I am putting her up on a ledge... ;)