Ashley + Kevin - Historic Waverly Mansion Wedding Photographer

Ashley & Kevin's wedding day was a tad bit wet...but they didn't let a few rain drops stop them from having one of the best days of their life!

Their beautiful church ceremony at the gorgeous St. Louis Chapel in Clarksville all the way through their fun filled reception at the Historic Waverly Mansionwas nothing short of fabulous! Everyone had a blast and danced all night long!!

Ashley & Kevin - thank you so much for allowing us to capture the memories of your wedding day!! It was perfect!! Here's to a long life of love, laughter and smiles!!


-Carrie & Jimmy-

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::What Kevin thought when he saw Ashely walking down the aisle:: 

"Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together!" I definitely cried a little bit, but she looked incredible and I was so excited to be marrying her.

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::Ashley's favorite thing about the wedding:: 

Everything! Walking down the aisle with both my dad and my stepdad, and the first few minutes Kevin and I had alone together in the limo after the wedding were great. Having all of our family and friends together at the wedding and the reception to celebrate us was also one of my favorite things. I also loved the toasts that Courtney and Alex gave at the reception.

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Eder Wedding-9648

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Kevin's favorite things about the wedding:: I remember being very nervous right before walking down the aisle and then Pat, Alex and I fist-bumped and that shared moment with friends was awesome. I shared a few glances (and funny faces) with my family during the wedding which made me smile and of course, Ashley walking down the aisle I will always remember.

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::What Ashley thought when she saw Kevin at the altar:: "He looks so handsome and SO happy! I can't believe we are actually about to get married! This is so surreal!"

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::What Ashley loves about Kevin:: He is kind, supportive and pushes me to be the best person I can be. He is family-oriented, an all-around fantastic person, and my best friend.

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::Kevin's most memorable moment of the day:: he thing that stands out to me was getting in the limo for the first time and Ashley and I finally having a moment alone together after all the chaos. We were so excited and it was surreal to finally be able to talk and see my wife one on one!

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::Couple's favorite moment of the day::

Dancing all night with our family and friends, and feeling like we could finally relax and let loose after months of planning.

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::Ashley's most memorable moment of the day:: Our first dance as husband and wife. It was a very intimate moment where it felt like it was just us two, even though we were surrounded by our family and friends. I was happy beyond belief and couldn't stop smiling because we were finally married!

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::What Kevin loves about Ashley:: 

If I don't say everything, am I in trouble? I love her ability to comfort me and show me everything will be okay. I am generally a worrier and she always knows the way to comfort me and make me smile no matter the situation.

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::Kevin's favorite reception moment:: The initial introductions of our bridal party as well as walking into the reception and seeing all of our friends and family together with our decorations and reception looking great to show that all the planning was worth it!

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::Ashley's favorite reception moment:: Our last big dance at the end of the night to Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night." All of our friends and family were tearing up the dance floor, having a great time, and there was so much energy in the room. And the photo booth! We thoroughly enjoyed going through the copies of the photos we got the day after the wedding.

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::Wedding Details::


Alfie Aldave::Hair & Makeup:: 

Up Do's for I Do's


Catering by Uptown


David's Bridal

::Bridesmaids Dresses:: 

David's Bridal

::Groom/Groomsman Outfits::

 Men's Wearhouse


Catering by Uptown

::Honeymoon Location:: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Clarksville Flower Station

::First Dance Song:: The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra

::Officiant:: Deacon Scott Lancaster

::Ceremony Location::  St. Louis Chapel

::Reception Location: Historic Waverly Mansion


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