Olivia is One! - Annapolis Child Photographer

I have been lucky enough to follow this little lady from her Mommy's tummy all the way from a newborn until she turned one just recently. And man is she cute! This would have to be one of my easiest sessions to date - because as soon as I picked up the camera little Miss Olivia turned on the adorable smile. From that point on my job was a piece of cake!

Amy & Mike - I can't believe how fast time flies! Thanks so much for asking me back to photograph Olivia - she is so beautiful. Good luck with the next step of her walking, then running around - it will be a blast! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Olivia 10-30-2011 58BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 126BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 91BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 145BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 5BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 54BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 220BLOG

Olivia 10-30-2011 34BLOG