Jakers - Harford County Child Photographer

Love this little man - though now that he is moving like crazy it was a little more of a challenge to chase him around, but we ended up with some great shots and had a lot of fun while doing so.

You'll be seeing more of Jake in a few weeks when I get my lens on him again with his cute cousin too! My friends all make the cutest little guys :)

Abby and Steve - it was a blast as usual. Thanks so much for hanging with me for the morning, I had a great time...snot, lollypop drool and all :) Enjoy!

Jake 10-23-2011 203BLOG

Jake 10-23-2011 100BLOG

Jake 10-23-2011 106BLOG

Jake 10-23-2011 82BLOG

Jake 10-23-2011 136BLOG

Jake 10-23-2011 52BLOG

Jake 10-23-2011 68BLOG

Jake 10-23-2011 228BLOG