Long Awaited Logan - Wilmington Newborn Photographer

I've been waiting on this little guy for 9 months now...he is my 2nd cousin, we're related ;) And he is the cutest little guy ever - one side dimple, the sweetest smile, dark eyes and so content.

Logan decided to take his time getting here - though there were a bunch of us waiting on him, he decided everything was going to be on his terms. But it all turned out just fine and for a baby this good - it was worth the wait!

I can't wait to watch little Logan grow - if he turns out to be anything like his big brother then he'll be awesome. Well that and his Mom will have her hands full!!

Kel and Tim - thanks for having me come and photograph little Logan - not that you had a choice in the matter ;) I can't wait to see him again soon!! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Logan 6-25-2011 652BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 660BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 537BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 576BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 738BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 630BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 583BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 462BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 611BLOG

Logan 6-25-2011 478BLOG