Maggers - Baltimore Infant Photographer

I had waited so long to meet this sweet little girl. I had heard so much about her and asked to see photos every time I saw her Mom or Dad. Then finally a week ago I got to meet the awesomeness and adorableness that is Maggie. She so full of personality - from her facial expressions to the way she looks at her parents...she is super cute!

She was so much fun to photograph! Her many cute faces, from her beautiful smile to her scrunched up nose, everything she did was adorable.

Jen and Cory - thanks so much for letting me get my lens on your Maggers - it was a blast. She is one lucky little girl to have 2 amazing parents. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Maggie 9-14-2011 41BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 50BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 73BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 202BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 78BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 101BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 199BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 19BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 226BLOG

Maggie 9-14-2011 149BLOG