Our Vacation Buddies - Outer Banks Family & Child Photographer

This year we decided to take a full week at the beach with friends. It was amazing. Usually we do a weekend here and a weekend there at the beaches in Delaware - but a full week of being able to relax, slow down and hang out was just what we all needed.

This year we headed to the slower pace of the Outer Banks - where we could have a house right by the beach and didn't have to pack up all of the kids stuff every day and trek to and from the beach at nap time etc. It was heaven. We were delayed by about 2 1/2 days because of the hurricane and the road to our place being impassable - but once we made it there, we had a great time!

Our good friends Michele and Aaron and their 2 kiddos made the vacation even sweeter. Our kids got along famously - and I can't miss saying how awesome Sara was with my 2 girls - she was such an amazing help! Fun was had by all and we even squeezed in this photo session one evening around sunset on the beach.

Michele, Aaron, Sara and Adam - thanks for vacationing with us - we had a blast. Hopefully we can do it again next year and make it a tradition :) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Michele Jones 9-2-2011 131BLOG

Michele Jones 9-2-2011 59BLOG

Michele Jones 9-2-2011 56BLOG

Michele Jones 9-2-2011 87BLOG

Michele Jones 9-2-2011 123BLOG

Michele Jones 9-2-2011 305BLOG

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