Soren - Baltimore Child Photographer

I love getting to explore new places on photo sessions - I see things I wouldn't normally see and walk places my kids usually wouldn't want to walk. Especially at this park - there was a HUGE playground that my girls would love - and this little guy was a trooper for leaving that fun behind and venturing with us.

I had the pleasure of photographing Soren when he was still an infant, and now he is a big boy! We had a lot of fun playing with rocks and pumpkins during this session.

Marie - thanks for asking me to photograph your little guy again - it was a lot of fun! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Soren 10-23-2011 1BLOG

Soren 10-23-2011 31BLOG

Soren 10-23-2011 66BLOG

Soren 10-23-2011 101BLOG

Soren 10-23-2011 162BLOG

Soren 10-23-2011 143BLOG

Soren 10-23-2011 244BLOG

Soren 10-23-2011 274BLOG