Sweet Pea - Baltimore Newborn Photographer

Such a tiny baby girl - so small and adorable. Little Katelyn broke the mold and decided to come and meet her family early. She was such a sweet little one - loved being outside and didn't seem to mind her big brother loving on her. Ryan was so sweet with his little sister - giving her kisses and pats on the head every chance he could get!

Megan - thank you so much for asking me to come and capture the newness of your little Katelyn - she is so precious. And Ryan...such a little charmer :) you're going to have your hands full!! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Megan 6-6-2011 233BLOG

Megan 6-6-2011 237BLOG

Megan 6-6-2011 246BLOG

Megan 6-6-2011 321BLOG

Megan 6-6-2011 217BLOG

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