The Mertz's Summer Edition - Annapolis Child and Family Photographer

You might remember this family from back near the end of last year...lets just say the weather from their session in December was the complete polar opposite of their session this was freezing cold and the other very hot! But they were both very similiar in the way that they were so much fun!!

Kimberley is a very good friend of mine and I love catching up with her, Joe and adorable little Sean (I mean how cute are those pig tails!!) during their photo sessions. We chose to explore downtown Annapolis for this session and I am so glad we did.

One 'day old' bagel helped make a lot of memories during this session. I ran around the circle downtown to find a bagel that Sean could feed to the ducks and their ducklings...and I have never heard such joy come from a tiny little body in my life. It was amazing. Sean had a blast and so did we. This is what memories are made of.

Kimberley, Joe and I had a talk at the end of the session about how much more important candid photos are - since they bring memories alive. We discussed how they will be able to look back at the photos I took of Sean laughing about the ducks in 10 years and still hear that same joyous giggle that she made. Yes posed photos are great for remembering how someone looked and how they smiled, but photos of reactions, life, and every day times are what seal those memories in deep about the child's personality and love.

Kimberley and Joe - it was great to see you as usual! Thanks for trekking my way :) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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