Katie + Andrew - Pond View Farms Wedding Photographer

We had been waiting for Katie & Andrew's wedding since the day I met them. I was lucky enough to photograph them twice...first at their engagement session last year then at their amazing Pond View Farms wedding.

We just knew how much fun this wedding was going to be and it didn't disappoint! From the moment we arrived til the last dance of the reception everyone had a blast. Tons of memories were made, lots of laughs were had on top of all of the love that was shared.

Katie & Andrew -- thank you so much for allowing us to capture the memories of your day. It was amazing. Here is to a long life of love, laughs and smiles!!

xoxo - Carrie & Jimmy

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::Katie's most memorable moment of the day:: There are just too many to choose from, truly the day was everything I could have wished for. From spending the day with all the ladies that mean the most in my life, to having my sisters and mom help me get dressed, to the first look with our family and friends to walking down the hill to meet my husband...they are memories I will cherish forever.

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::What Kaite thought when she saw Andrew at the altar:: Pure Happiness, he looked so handsome and I was so excited to share that moment with him and all those we hold dearest to our hearts

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::What Andrew thought when he saw Katie walking down the aisle:: Holy shit don't cry don't cry! she was so beautiful head to toe. 

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::Katie's favorite thing about the wedding: Just being able to share the most special moment in my life with the people who mean the most to me. Looking out on all their faces as we shared our vows was a moment that I will never be able to put into words.

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::Couple's favorite moment of the day::  Can we only pick one?! Then it would have to go to being pronounced Husband and Wife. It was colder then anyone could have expected that day and we saw rain and even snow, but during our ceremony the sun shown bright.  We truly could not have asked for more.

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::Andrew's most memorable moment of the day:: The first look! Standing there in anticipation was killing me (I'm very impatient) but when I turned around I couldn't do anything but cry! She was so beautiful!!!

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::What Andrew loves about Katie:: Hell where do I begin? I think what I love most is her uncanny ability to see the best in people. She can get along with anyone even if meeting them for the first time. One of the biggest things is her ability to handle my crazy ways. I'm a little hard to handle and she keeps me in line (most of the time).

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:What Katie loves about Andrew: Nothing is ever boring with Andrew, he makes me ready for the unexpected. Much like our love story which was so unexpected, we still look at each other sometimes and say "can you really believe it?". He is such a hard working man and so full of love, he is the kind of man any woman would be lucky to have.

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::Andrew's favorite things about the wedding:: Alcohol! just kidding! Loved dancing with Katie and dancing with my mommy, smashing cake in Katie's face, and my little brother impromptu speech because he left it in the hotel room was great

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::Katie's favorite reception moment:: I loved being able to dance the night away, but my most memorable moment would be having the letter read from my Nephew over seas, it was completely unexpected and just added a whole other level of love to the night.

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::Andrew's favorite reception moment:: It was great from dancing with friends to hearing from Paul Sam. I loved having all of our friends and family in one place and lets face it I'm slightly vane I loved having my picture taken lol.

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::Wedding Details::

::DJ:: DJ Dan

::Hair:: Katie Yurow Dellape -- family friend and Stylist at Scene 217

::Caterer:: Pond View Farm

::Dress:: Lilla's Bridal Boutique in York

::Bridesmaids Dresses:: Ladies Choice

::Groom/Groomsman Outfits:: Benn's Mens Wear in  Westminster

::Cake:: Susan Dailey -- Family Friend and owner of Susie's Lovin' Oven

::Honeymoon Location:: -- Looking like Jamaica

::Flowers:: Fawn Grove Florist

::First Dance Song:: "Die a Happy Man" but Thomas Rhett

::Officiants:: My Sister and Andrew's Dad

::Make Up:: Nicole Palermo "Happily Ever After"

::Ceremony/Reception Location:: Pond View Farm