Sarah + Spencer - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Sarah & Spencer are married!! Their wedding was a blast!! From the ceremony with amazingly timed boat horns on the water, to the reception where everyone danced all night long -- it was a night they will never forget!!

Sarah & Spencer - congrats on your marriage!! Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of the fun!! Here is to a long life of love, laughter and smiles!!


Carrie & Jimmy

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::What Spencer loves about Sarah:: The most caring person I have ever met, she is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, and she's hilarious.

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::What Sarah love about Spencer:: He has the kindest heart and would do anything for anyone. He loves me more than I thought was possible and constantly reminds me of it. Also, he's hilarious. 

::What Sarah thought when she saw Spencer at the altar::

- I didn't notice that anyone else was there. I only saw him and our future life together and knew it was going to be amazing. (Also, I was very happy to notice that he kept his beard. I like his beard.)

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::What Spencer thought when he saw Sarah walking down the aisle:: first, she looked even more fantastic and beautiful than I was picturing and I didn't think that was possible , second, don't turn around and runaway, third, this is by far the best day of my life. ::Spencer's most memorable moment of the day: the boat horn as we said our vows and how it led to the both of us laughing like we always do. 

::Sarah's most memorable moment of the day::  The perfectly timed boat horns during the ceremony. I'm still not convinced someone we know was behind that.

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::Sarah & Spencer's favorite moment of the day:: Taking a step back and looking out over the reception before we were introduced.  Thinking about how amazing it was to be surrounded by so many people that care about us. We remember thinking "This is exactly how we pictured this day, but better.)

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::Sarah's favorite reception moment:  Our first dance- It was more emotional than I thought it was going to be and it was perfect.

Also our surprise Miley Cyrus dance- that was just fun!

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::Spencer's favorite reception moment:: Demonstrating our love by dancing to Miley. 

::Spencer's favorite thing about the wedding::

being around all the people from all different stages of life witnessing you marry the one you love the most.

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::Sarah's favorite things about the wedding::

1. When my Grandmother read during our ceremony. It meant so much to us.

2. The Daddy-Daughter dance. He's such a softie :-)

3. Our dance floor. It was exactly how we wanted it...filled the entire night with everyone that we love.

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Emily's Salon

::Caterer:: Stargazer Events


I Do I Do Wedding Gowns

::Bridesmaids Dresses:: 

Union Station

::Groom/Groomsman Outfits:: 

Jos. A. Bank

::Cake:: Jessica Tribbitt

::Honeymoon Location:: 


::Flowers:: By Design- Mr. & Mrs. Gloyd

::First Dance Song:: 

John Mayer ft. Katy Perry- Who You Love

::Officiant:: Pastor Bob Henley

::Make Up:: Brittany Brainer

::Ceremony/Reception Location:: 

Port Annapolis Marina